A Letter from our Board Chair

Published on February 9, 2017 under Corporate Partners



Dear friends,

I’ve spent my career in newspapers. And in my humble opinion, the big story that came out of November 2016 was not who won the presidential election, but the massive divide in our population that the campaign laid bare. It would be easy to feel discouraged by this seemingly unbridgeable gulf.

Thus, I hope it will be salve for the reader’s soul, as it was for mine, to learn about the truly incredible outpouring of love and generosity that Boys & Girls Clubs experienced this holiday season. At the end of a year marked by deep political rancor, our Central Florida community–corporations, public servants, individuals and families–came together to share their blessings with the 13,000+ children served by BGCCF. Here are just a few examples:

• The Orlando Magic and Pepsi teamed up to treat 100 of our Club members to a Christmas shopping trip at WalMart.

• Orange County firefighters, dressed in their Class A uniforms, took 30 of our Taft Club members by the hands to purchase gifts for the children and their families at Toys R Us.

• High school senior Tanner Eaves collected thousands of pairs of new socks for our boys and girls during his Holiday Sock Drive.

• Workscapes and Herman Miller provided a spectacular holiday party for 200 Club members.

And truly, this is just a small portion of the generosity avalanche we experienced at year end.

As the incoming Chair of BGCCF, it’s been my pleasure to witness this largesse first-hand, and it fills me with optimism about the year ahead. There will be challenges, but as a community, we’ve shown we meet challenges head-on.

One such display of collaboration will take place in August, when we’ll join our community partners for the opening of PS8 in Parramore, which will include the PS8 Community School, the Rosen Parramore Preschool, and the Hughes Branch Boys & Girls Club. At the Hughes Branch, we’ll serve 350 children in a neighborhood that will truly benefit from this increased presence.

Thank you for your continuing support.

I look forward to facing 2017 together!

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