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Be A Club Hero

As is the case with most economic and health crises, the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the children and families we serve the hardest. Boys & Girls Clubs are the “safe place” for more than 16,000+ Central Florida children, a lifeline to the encouragement, discipline and support that are lacking in too many young people’s lives. We’re working day and night to find new ways to serve–through innovative online programming, providing relief from hunger and financial distress, and staying in close contact with our families–all the while ensuring that we remain financially viable. We hope that you’ll consider joining our Club Heroes campaign by contributing to our Mission Relief Fund or our Family Relief Fund.

Get Involved


Support us, so we can continue to serve more than 16,000 at-risk children in our community.


Help us cover emergency expenses of Club families and part-time employees who have lost income.

Osceola County

Support us by starting a peer-to-peer online fundraiser to contribute to our Club Heroes campaign.

Our Club Heroes

$25,000 +

A. Friends’ Foundation Trust

Brock, Sari, Parker and Jake Nicholas

Mike & Theresa Ryan

The Martin Andersen-Gracia Anderson Foundation, Inc.

Morgan & Morgan
Publix Super Market Charities
Tupperware Brands

$10,000 +

Phillip & Jennifer Anderson
Atlantic Culvert Company, Inc.
Kim & Brian Beattie
The Cocoa Rotary Foundation, Inc.
Ray & Lydia DiSanza
The Rick & Susan Goings Foundation
Hans & Cay Jacobsen Foundation
Heathrow Women’s Club Charities Inc.
Drew & Paula Madsen
Space Coast Realtors Charitable Foundation
Jim & Jonnie Swann

$5,000 +

Brian Baker
Chepenik Financial
Dennis & Andrea Donohue
The Duke Energy Foundation
Mark & Maureen Filburn – Providence Construction, LLC
Kevin & Denise Habicht
David & Linda Hughes
IDEX Foundation
Thomas & Linda Jones
Junebug Foundation, Inc.
The Kaltbaum Family
Michael & Christine Kirchner
Jonathan Ledden
Office Depot
Pat Robertson
N. Christine Sylvester
Winter Park Health Foundation

$1,000 +

Steven & Jean Allender
AIT Engineering
Steve & Patty Appel
Glenn & Wendy Beck
Kathleen Benham
David & Lyn Berelsman
Tom & Ann Brooks
Wes & Paula Brumback
Keith & Lila Buescher
Gary & Louise Cain
John & Dede Caron
CCH Marketing & Events, Inc.
Derrick Chandler
Jeffrey & Cheryl Chudnow
James & Allison Clark
Jeffrey & Debra Condello
Courtenay Animal Hospital
Vivek & Tejal Desai
Les & Jill Eiserman
Equity Partners, Inc.
Jim & Jennifer Etscorn
FAME Group, Inc.
Jennifer Ferguson
Marti Forknervernon
Robert & Mary Frantz
Ryan Frazier
Georgianna United Methodist Church
Graff Holdings
Craig Howell
Aaron Gray
Dr. Nathan Hill
Kevin R. Hill & Nicholas F. Farinella
Jack & Jill of America Inc. – Orlando Chapter
Esther Johnston
Garrett & Laura Jones
Caroline Kaiser
Kelly Family Cuidiu Foundation
Steve & Judith Kirby
Barb & Stephen Larson
Scott & Ginny Lyden
Paul & Stacey Manos
Tammy Marcotte
Kyle Maryanski & Patti Tuey-Maryanski
J. Cheney & Shirley Mason
Richard & Jane Mercadante
Steve & Cheryl Miller
Mike & Marybeth Morsberger
Dzi-Long Newman
Nextera Enery Foundation, Inc
OUC – The Reliable One
Wayne & Monique Randall
Charles & Shanda Redding
Ed Rone
The Rotary Club of Lake Mary
The Rotary Club of Winter Park
Tamara & Pablo Salas
Russ & Mazie Salerno
Scan Design
Shutts & Bowen LLP
Sidhu Family Foundation Inc.
SIMS Crane & Equipment Co.
Laurie, Marc, Jason, and Jake Smith
James Stroz
Thermo King of the Southeast
The Villages Theater Company
Stan & Kim Van Gundy
T. Picton Warlow IV

$500 +

Allender & Allender, P.A.
Jennifer Ashton
Camelot Properties Referral Group, LLC
Bryan Campbell
Isabela Castro
Nancy Conicella
Kristin Davis
Phillip C. DeLong
Donovan Homes LLC
Duke Energy Florida, LLC
Dr. Steven & Suzanne Dukes
Michael & Layne Fess
Cami C. Leech Florio
James & Jean Gallagher
Lamont & Lynda Garber
Generator Consulting Service, LLC
Peggy & Dennis Huff
Clark Keator
Jason & Krista Kirk
Allison Krueger
Les Choux Company
Beverly Madison
Diane & John Mahony
Nathan & Ashley Male
William & Rebecca Manuel
Christopher Pirolo
Carol Platt
Poulos & Bennett
Dale & Sherley Russell
William & Ann Schooley
Star Distributions Systems
Tough As Nails LLC
Wilhelm Construction
Joyce & Martin Zeluck

$250 +

Charla Albury
Christyne Albury
Ramond Anderson
Jay Baker
Brasfield & Gorrie LLC
Nick Brown
Stephen Burns
Kathy Burt
Robert & Caroline Buster
Chad & Elizabeth Cain
Kathleen Callaghan
Alice & David Christner
Circuit Breaker Sales
Randle Clay
Amber Clore
Robert Cornell
D1 Orlando
Daniel & Sheila DeCiccio
Clara Ewing
Rosanne Firriolo
Stephen Forte
George Ganzenmuller
Nicholas Geinosky
Kyron Harold
David Hicks
Russ Hill
Sue Hoeksema
International Title and Escrow Co, LLC
William Jack & Delia Sutton Jack
Sarah Johnston
Derek & Luan Jones
Kavaliro Staffing Services
Keepsake Floral, Inc.
Ken Keesee
Tim Lambert
Angie Langley
Wendy Maher
Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis
Morgan Sports Group
Bruce & Shayla Mount
Lyndell Patrick
John & Sandra Race
Ashley & Baron Robertson
Marilyn Ross Smith
Steven & Jennifer Sabga
Greg & Rita Schroeder
Fiona Shannon
Cynthia Skolfield
Phillip Smith
Josh & Heather Truitt
Daniel & Heidi Velasquez
Donald Wagner
John & Betsey West
Lena & Craig Williams
Libby Wingard
Terrence Young, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church
Donald & Joy Zervitz