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Our Impact

Working with children, but building adults.

Our Impact

Working with children, but building adults.

Getting Results

We work with children, but we build adults. Statistics show that our Club members make good choices, stay in school and graduate with the skills and confidence to succeed.

Our Reach


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Impact Hours

Priority Outcomes

Club Members
Academic Success

Last year …

94% of our high school seniors graduated and have plans for the future.

98% of our Club members were promoted to the next grade level.

87% of our high school graduates are enrolled in post-secondary education or the U.S. military.

$2.5 Million in scholarship assistance was facilitated by BGCCF for Club alumni in college.

Health & Wellness

Last year …

97% of teens abstained from smoking cigarettes and marijuana.

92% of our teens abstained from drinking alcohol.

61% of Club members exercise at least 5 days a week.

30,159 healthy meals are served at our Clubs every month.

Club Members
Club Members
Character & Citizenship

Last year …

33,022 volunteer service hours were performed by our Club members.

90% of our Club members abstained from sexual activity.

87% of our Club members feel confident to withstand peer pressure.

83% of Club members have made a contribution to help people in their community.

Economic Impact Study

$1 → $17.81

In 2013, BGCCF commissioned an economic impact study conducted by California Lutheran University’s Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting. The study used econometric research to place a value on the benefits derived from BGCCF services, such as increased parental earnings, juvenile arrests averted and teen pregnancies avoided.

Club Members