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At the Tupperware Confidence Center

Recently, Ky’shun and Ky’ana, sibling members of our Cocoa Branch, were treated to a day of hands-on product design training courtesy of Tupperware Brands Corporation.

Senior Manager of Engineering Product Development Teresa Arthur and her team custom-created a multi-phase exercise which allowed the aspiring engineer and architect/designer to research, conceive, design, test and manufacture a product for Tupperware Brands, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer products. Their challenge was to create a new handle to update a popular Tupperware plastic coffee cup.

The day started with a roundtable discussion among the members of the design and production team, and the teens learned how a product makes its way from conception to your kitchen cabinet. Each team member spoke about the inherent challenge of product design: creating a product that is creative and attractive yet feasible from a production and profitability standpoint.

In short, it’s amazing how much thought and engineering goes into something as simple as a cup handle.

The teens went to work in the design studio with product designer Sara Carmona, who guided them as they sketched, then sculpted from clay, their ideas for a cup handle. Ky’shun’s contained a double-arch, and Ky’ana’s was round and chunky.

Next up, Product Engineer Daniel Thomas helped the teens tweak their designs for production feasibility, then Senior CAD Designer Wayne Carey 3-D scanned their models for production. After lunch with the team, they explored the design lab with Senior Test Engineer Jason Gibson, and learned about all of the tests that a cup must pass before it heads to production: will the cup tip over or spill any liquid at a 15 degree angle? How does the cup look, feel and smell? How hot will it get when it contains hot liquids?

Ky’ana and Ky’shun were happy to learn that their designs passed the tests of the protocol and were approved for production.

Their generous Tupperware hosts treated the teens to lunch and items from the onsite product store, but the most valuable thing they came away with was the heartfelt advice from Teresa: “You might face an environment that lacks diversity, but don’t let that discourage you. Your knowledge will be your greatest asset.”

According to Ky’shun, “I thought everything would be super-complicated, but they showed us that there can be a simple solution to a complex problem.”

Noting on their way out that the impressive World Headquarters complex is actually called the “Tupperware Confidence Center,” it was only fitting that the teens came away with the self-assuredness that an engineering career is within reach.

Tupperware Brands Corporation is a Platinum Partner of Celebrate the Children 2018.

Ky’shun finds engineering a simple handle is more challenging than it appears.

Senior CAD Designer Wayne Carey measures Ky’shun’s design

Ky’shun and Ky’ana with Senior Manager Teresa Arthur and test engineers Christopher Reeves and Jason Gibson










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