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Cyber Clubhouse: K-5

Cyber Clubhouse: K-5

Join us for daily virtual Club programming!

Our Blue Doors are now wide open for fun online!

Friday, July 31, 2020


    Let’s have some fun!


    Get involved!

    • Greeting Cards
      • Make a birthday card for a foster child! Use the instructions on the website below and mail it to the address in the article.
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      • Make a card for a kid in the hospital! 
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    Expand your knowledge!


    Weekly Reflections

    • Reflection Guide
      A consistent weekly reflection routine allows you to gain perspective, which makes it an especially effective process when learning a new skill, building new habits or working towards specific goals. Personal reflection should not be rushed. Consider where you’d like to see growth or improvement in your life. After that, use the guiding questions below to build a weekly reflection routine to help you reach your goals. Maybe, you’re hoping to work through some anxiety and improve your mental health while reducing stress. Perhaps, you’re in a season of personal growth and want to find a way to track your habits and goals. Maintaining a weekly reflection habit has been proven helpful in all of these areas.
      • Highlight your favorite moments of the week.
      • Did I achieve my goals? Why or why not?
      • Did you learn  a valuable life lesson this week?
      • How happy do I feel? Why?
      • Who am I grateful for?
      • What was I doing this time last year?
      • Name three goals for next week (Action Plan).

    Creative Corner