Welcome to the Temple Terrace Poetry Coffee House

Published on August 3, 2017 under Club members

On July 27, 2017, our youth stunned the audience with their performances at the Temple Terrace Poetry Coffee House. One by one, Club members took the stage to recite the poems they wrote themselves. While some members opted for a funny poem, others used the opportunity to express their dreams, fears and appreciation for the Club.

We hope you’ll enjoy the poems as much as we did.

She grew up only knowing abandonment.
She grew up with fear.
She grew up with a fight.
She grew up having to already be grown.
She went without a mother.
She went with her dad.
She chose strength.
She chose optimism.
She chose happiness.
She wanted to make him proud.
She is brave.
She is unique.
She is proud.
She is persistent.
She is strong.
She is beautiful.
She inspires.
She makes him proud.
She is me!

Rayna, 17

Roses are red, and violets are blue
We love Temple Terrace, and so should you

At the Club, we learn new things
Fun and joy is what it brings

They teach us how to act right
They teach us how to not fight

We are a family, we make a great team
When we walk in the Club, it’s like a dream

Boys & Girls Clubs keeps us safe
Boys & Girls Clubs makes us great

Jeira, 8, Vanessa, 7,  Zahara, 6,  Aurencia, 8

Cake has many layers like earth
Cake has many flavors like people in the world
To be honest, the best thing with birthdays is the cake
The only reason I go to birthday parties is for cake
If they don’t have cake, I’ll make excuses that I can’t go for some reason
Also tell my friends I will only go for cake
I wish cake could be healthy
Cake is like a friend
Sometimes you can’t have enough cake

Faith, 15

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